Mats - Plats - Moulded Parts

Mats - Plats - Moulded Parts

IGP mats

IGP mats In addition to our adhesives and sealants, IGP Chemie GmbH also offers processed semi-finished products based on its own formulations. For example, we produce coated fibreglass mats which comply with building material class A1 or A2 and are in turn suitable for the production of non-combustible or flame-retardant composite materials.

IGP A1 plats

IGP A1 plats Support panels of building material class A1 (according to EN 13501-1) produced using our patented FireFoe(m) technology. FirePanel panels have a gross density of approx. 400kg/m3 and can be produced in various thicknesses and formats.

IGP A1- Moulded parts

IGP A1 mouldings Our patented FireFoe(m) mineral foam technology opens up access to foam mouldings of building parts in material class A1 or A2, which due to their low weight (gross density approx. 400 kg/m3) and their relatively low thermal conductivity (approx. 0.3 W/mK) are particularly suitable for insulating or shielding components in high-temperature applications or for areas with high non-combustibility requirements. The moulded parts produced in this way are self-supporting, mechanically resilient and fully revisable.

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