FireFoe(m)® offers high-quality fire protection foam with A1 fire protection certification in two variants: FireFoe(m)® Paste and FireFoe(m)® Liquid.

We will show you how our products can effectively fulfil your specific fire protection requirements.


  • 2-component system
  • Expands 3-4 times
  • Curing: touch-proof after approx. 15 minutes,
  • Low weight (density approx. 0.17-0.40 g/cm3)
  • Absolutely non-combustible (building material class A1 according to EN 13501-1, MPA NRW)
  • When semi-cured, it can be easily cut with a knife and moulded into the desired shape.

FireFoe(m)® Paste: The viscous solution from the cartridge with A1 certification

FireFoe(m)® Paste is ideal for applications that require a more viscous consistency. With its paste-like consistency, this product is perfect for assembly work and use on vertical surfaces. Thanks to its thixotropic viscosity profile, FireFoe(m)® Paste is easy to apply and allows precise dispensing directly from the cartridge. FireFoe(m)® Paste is certified to DIN EN 13501-1 A1 and therefore offers the highest level of fire protection for your construction projects.


FireFoe(m)® Liquid: The flowable solution for large-area or large-volume applications

FireFoe(m)® Liquid is the free-flowing variant of our fire protection foam, which was developed primarily for industrial use. Thanks to its low viscosity, FireFoe(m)® Liquid enables large areas and fine structures to be covered quickly and efficiently, and also allows larger volumes to be filled. Perfectly suited for all applications where even distribution and fast curing are required.

FireFoe(m)® Liquid offers the highest fire protection according to A1 fire protection standard and is therefore the optimal choice for projects that require high productivity and performance.