IGP Chemie GmbH
Expert Products

Specialized Adhesives and Sealants

IGP Chemie has more than 30 years of experience and comprehensive scientific expertise at its disposal. Our portfolio ranges from revolutionary solutions for preventive fire protection, via highly effective materials for construction and furniture industries to DIY-Products which are used in agriculture. Our experts design functionalized adhesives and coatings, specially tailored to your individual needs and demands.

Research, development, quality assurance

Research, development, quality assurance We develop your adhesives and future-oriented coatings in our well-equipped laboratories. Our IGP team of experts continuously examines the flow behaviour, the mechanical properties and the fire behaviour of a wide range of substances. The knowledge gained enables us to develop innovative solutions and to continuously improve and optimise existing products. Production orders are manufactured to high quality standards and are subject to the control of our quality management system, which is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Fair and sustainable

Environment protection is not an advertising slogan. We use raw materials which conserve nature and water, which are atoxic, not carcinogenic and bio-degradable. Our employees are no “human capital” but highly esteemed partners. We live fairness, diversity and a sense of family. Only the very best for our customers. We enjoy challenges. Our work is resolutely focused on maintaining long-term amicable client relationship and ensuring the high quality of our performance.