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Fireproof impgrenation from IGP GmbH in Duelmen

IGP GmbH from Duelmen specializes among other things in the development and implementation of fireproof impregnation.

Unlike the fire adhesives and fire retardandts coatings our flame retardant impregnation are designed in such a way that the protective film forming components are not only on the surface of the impregnated substrate effect but penetrate trough special additions of tuned surface adtive additives in lowland areas of the material and there for an additional flame retardants provide.

The advantages of our fireproof impregnation

There are many reasons that speak for the products of the IGP GmbH in Dülmen. The special characteristics our fireproof impregnation of glass fiber and mineral wool products at a glance:

  • We provide reliable and optimal fire protecion
  • We are high temperature resistant
  • We are free from solvents and therefore enviromentally friendly

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Could we make you curious? Contact our friendly stuff in Duelmen if you have questions about our products around fireproof impregnations, fire protective adhesive or other applications. We are available by contact, e-mail or phone to you.